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Monday, October 14, 2019

The Face of God

The Face of God

Can a man see the face of God and live?
Maybe. I think I've seen it. I know I have.

He is reflected in people all around the world. He is a wise old man, but also a man in the prime of life, full of vigor.  He looks like me, but also like those who are very different. He is in the caring hands of a mother with her child and in the wondering infant too. 

He is the compassion of a stranger who becomes your friend. And in the hard but honest counsel of a sister you deeply trust.

He is there, too, in the teenager trying to find out who they are, and in the man who finally knows. 

We can see Him in creation and in creating. 
We feel Him when our hearts sing and when they hurt because of love.

God's face shines forth "for better or worse, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer", but He was also the lonely One who never married, because you are His heart's one, true desire and He is still waiting. It is crucial we recognize Him in both.

The compassion of a healer, a generous gift, a smile that brings hope, a calming word, forgiveness, truth, sacrificial love:  all these show the outlines of His face.

He is with me as I read His Holy Word, right there, so close, looking right over my shoulder. And the clearest description I read is of the Man choosing to die on the cross for people who don't deserve it--even me. And then again in the empty tomb.

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