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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Did Jesus End Up In Your Spam Folder?

Did Jesus end up in your spam folder? We are bombarded with lots of voices all day long. It's no wonder that we can't take it all in. Part of the trick in life is to figure out what to listen to and what to ignore. But we have to be careful we're not ignoring Jesus. His Holy Spirit is with us always to guide us. His voice is most often a whisper while other voices are quite loud and persistent. Are you listening closely to Jesus or did His voice get caught but a faulty filter that landed Him in the Spam Folder of your life? Maybe it's time to check. Is Jesus stuck in your Spam Folder?

While you're at it, check your email spam folder and make sure you are getting messages from my church (if you signed up to be on our email list).  You should be getting at least one important email each week with announcements and vital info about Pleasant Grove Methodist Church.  During this time of social isolation and disruption from normal in-person social contact, email is a vital way we stay connected.  We are working extra hard at our church to get you the information you need to stay connected.  Please make sure the messages are getting through.  Check you email program to make sure it is not filtering our church email  Please call the church office if you need assistance--706-259-3141.

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