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Monday, July 13, 2015

How Far I Can Go

Since I didn't preach a sermon at church yesterday, I thought I'd share something I wrote a couple years ago as I was grieving for a family that left my church because they disagreed with the United Methodist Church's stance on homosexuality.  This was what was in my heart and remains on my heart for the family and others like them.

How Far I Can Go
You don't understand how far I would go for you.
I can love you.  I can laugh with you,
cry with you, dance with you.
But I can't call what wrong right for you. 

I can serve you, worship with you, put you to work and work for you.
I could trust you, depend on you,
pray for you, be prayed for by you.
But I can't call what's right wrong for you. 

I could eat with you, sit with you, smile with you,
unite my heart with you, commune with you.
I can study with you, learn with you, teach you and learn from you.
I can lean on you, fight for you, suffer for you and die for you. 

But I can't call what's wrong right for you.
And I won’t call what’s right wrong for you.
You just don't know how far I want go for you,
but I can't call what's wrong right for you. 

I love you too much.

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