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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Proverbs Day 5

Read Proverbs 5
A greedy heart will quickly lead you astray.  The wise person learns to be satisfied with what God gives them.  He always gives you what you need.  Practice letting go of desire and being satisfied with what you already have.  It is hard to entice or cheat or trick someone who is already deeply satisfied.  Wisdom grows in the soil of satisfaction.  Foolishness takes root in longing.  Listen to my paraphrase of Proverbs 5:7-14.

So listen, child, and don’t forget what I say:  Stay away from the harlot. Don’t even go near her house or you will give away your honor and suffer a lot.  Strangers will take everything you have and you’ll spend your life working for people who don’t care about you.  You’ll end up in misery, sick and wasted, moaning, “Why didn’t I listen and control myself? I didn’t listen to my teacher’s wisdom!  Now I’m completely ruined and despised!”

And this from verse 15-20:

Drink the clean, pure water from your own well.  Why would you drink water from the sewer and let strangers take a bath in your drinking water?  Keep your drinking water clean.  It’s for you and your wife only, the beautiful one you’ve always loved.  Be captivated by her love alone and let her satisfy your most intimate needs.  Why should you trust a whore with such vulnerable and sacred moments?

Be satisfied with what you have. Go further, cherish and thank God for it. You will realize how blessed you are and have no need or desire for the filthy things the world offers.


"Father, help me to appreciate all the pure and lovely things You have given me and so see I don't need to lust after the disgusting things of this world. Amen."

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