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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Proverbs Day 18

"Father, I just want to begin with a quick prayer for my friend, Dot, and her family who lost her husband two years ago. He was a wonderful husband and father and he was loved by many. Please comfort his family as they struggle with grief--especially today. Amen."

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It is really foolish to think wealth and material possessions will keep you safe when troubles come, and yet that is what most people in our world think. People think money will make them secure and they are often proud when they have it--thinking they can buy their way out of whatever troubles come. Truly wise people know better.

Pastor Chris' Paraphrase of Proverbs 18:10-14
10 The Lord is known as an impregnable stronghold; good people run to Him for safety.

11 Rich people rely on their wealth; they hide behind it thinking nothing can touch them.

12 A person brags about their greatness right before they’re broken to pieces, but those who are humble receive honor.

13 Speaking about something before fully listening is just stupid and brings humiliation.

14 A good attitude can sustain you through illness, but what can you do with a broken spirit?

Wealth is as fleeting as a morning fog. A misstep, an illness, a lawsuit or misfortune and it can all be gone in an instant. Then where is your safety net? Why spend all your time trying to build a wall of safety founded only on money? Why take pride in something that gives a false sense of security? Be wise and build a strong relationship with the Lord for that is where real hope lies.

"Father, free me from the foolish idea that money is all I need to keep my family safe. Help me to trust in You and find true security. Amen."

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